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Climate Change
Energy Efficiency
Gender and Energy
Geothermal Energy
Home Energy Rating Systems and Energy-Efficient Mortgages (HERS/EEMs)
Market Assessment for Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Systems
Public Perceptions on Energy and Environmental Policy
Smart Grid
Solar Energy (Photovoltaics [PV] and Solar Thermal)
Weather Modification
Zero-Energy Homes
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Presentations by Dr. Barbara Farhar

The Xcel SmartGridCityâ„¢

Project: Community Context and Household Perceptions
Barbara C. Farhar Farhar, Ph.D., Institute of Behavioral Science
University of Colorado
Presentation for RASEI Brown Bag
November 10, 2009
Presentation File (pdf, 3.5M)

Contributions by Others

Powerpoint presentation based on: Farhar, Barbara C. and Timothy C. Coburn. 2000.
A Market Assessment of Homeowner Response to Residential Grid-Tied PV Systems in Colorado.
NREL/TP-550-25383, Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. September. 209pp.
by Pamela Quigley, Standard Solar, Denver, Colorado
Presentation File (ppt, 174K)